Advantages of using push notifications for your website

If you own a website, you can think about whether or not to subscribe to push notifications on your website. Such messages have a lot of advantages compared to subscribing to e-mail newsletters. Let’s take a look at the advantages the push notifications have.

Advantages of push notifications

According to statistics, a higher percentage of people subscribes to push ads in comparison with the number of subscriptions for e-mail newsletters.

People do not like when their mail is flooded with spam, and push notifications do not cause any inconvenience. You either go over them or just close them, they’re not piling up anywhere. The very percentage of subscription depends on the reputation of your site in the eyes of its visitors and the subject matter of the site.

Push notifications have a high percentage of deliverability and conversions – a significantly larger number of people click on such notifications than with e-mail mailings. The distribution of such notifications will not take much time.

You do not have to spend hours making letters, thinking through each word and other nuances of e-mail newsletters. All you need is to successfully formulate the notification header, so people really want to click on it.

Setting up push-mailing takes only a few minutes and has quite good flexibility. You can send messages by ranking subscribers by region, by the pages of the site, from which the subscription was made (i.e. by interests), by subscription date, by devices, and browsers.

Do you need to subscribe to push notifications on your website?

The technology works best on news resources. Many people do not mind finding out about the hottest news, especially from a resource they trust. But, if you own an online store or a service site with a lot of regular customers, this technology can also help you increase sales. You will be able to send out information about new items in your catalog, promotions, and special offers to your loyal subscribers.

Also, it is worth noting that most major online stores are already actively replenishing their subscriber base. Therefore, it makes sense to install the subscription collection script as soon as possible, until these notifications become boring for people and they quite actively allow them to send notifications.

How to install the script on your site?

You can install your own subscription collector for push notifications, and the entire database will be collected on your site. But for this, it is necessary that you have an SSL certificate on your website, which guarantees the safety of working with personal data of users.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate, you can use one of the many services that provide this service. You can choose a service at your discretion. Each of them has its own working conditions and tariffs for mailing.

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