Mix Bitcoin with Bestmixer

When Bitcoin appeared a lot of people started earning it. But the problem is that conditions are becoming harder and harder, the anonymity is almost impossible and the government tends to create strict laws. To stay out of power structures and cybercriminals attention we recommend using bitcoin cash mixer for mixing the currency.

What mixing gives to Bitcoin owners?

When you make cryptocurrency transactions you put a recipient’s address, so the information about you is open and anyone may get it. Mixing helps to remove such connections and as a result, the risk of being robbed becomes almost impossible.

How much does it cost?

Of course, it’s not free to use Bestmixer but the fees are very reasonable. The minimum service fee for Bitcoin is 0,5% and the maximum is 0.00006024 BTC. The starting fee depends on the number of coins you mix. The more coins are mixed, the bigger discounts you get. For example, it’ll be cheaper to change 90 Bitcoins than 10, in the first case the minimum fee is 0,3% and in the second – 0,4%. The current network occupancy is also important so the fee can vary.

There’re also three pools in which money is mixing – Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The first one is cheaper than the others because it uses only clients’ coins. The second one contains clients’ and investors’ coins and the last one is fully occupied with investments.

Can I mix another currency?

There are 3 options: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The developers are going to integrate Ethereum too.
To get more information about Bestmixer stay tuned for more articles. There’re a lot of interesting features which deserve your attention.

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